Biography of Commissioner Anthony Clark, Chair

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Anthony Clark has served Philadelphia’s residents since 2007 as Commissioner; and as the City’s first African American Chairman since November 2012. Commissioner Clark has always been able to find the common ground to work for the greater good of the people.

In 2013, Commissioner Clark introduced a placard that prominently displays the Ward and Division number at polling places containing more than one division. This was to help voters identify which table they should go to without waiting to be directed by a poll worker, thereby reducing voter confusion and long lines. The measure was in response to the large number of confused voters trying to find their correct divisions inside the polling place during the November 2012 Presidential Election.

In 2012, Commissioner Clark became a Coalition Partner with other elected officials, the Committee of Seventy and the PA Voter ID Coalition to fight against the Commonwealth’s Voter ID law (HB 934).

Anthony Clark was Deputy of Estates and Wills, and was a State Committee Member from 1994-1998.  He also serves as the Leader of the 28th Ward of the Democratic Executive Committee; was a Committee person for 25 years; and currently is the First Vice Chairman of the United Democratic Ward Leaders of Color.