Biography of Commissioner Stephanie Singer

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Since assuming the office in January of 2012, City Commissioner Stephanie Singer has worked for free, fair elections, an informed, engaged electorate and a respectful, effective workplace.

Commissioner Singer was a key leader in the coalition of citizens and civic groups who fought to defeat the Voter ID Law. Thanks to their efforts, no one needs a photo id to vote at the polls in Pennsylvania. Singer’s office has reached tens of thousands of Philadelphians through educational workshops and voter handbooks, raising awareness about and interest in elections that is reflected in the growing voter turnout.

Singer is an active member of the national Election Verification Network and sits on the Board of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. She serves as Co-Chair of the Committee on Elections Reform, a bipartisan, statewide group that unites various stakeholders to develop and advocate for laws and procedures that will improve elections in Pennsylvania.

In 2010, Singer was awarded the Personal Democracy Forum Google Fellowship for her work making election data easily and inexpensively available. Her accomplishments have been acknowledged by Philadelphia NOW as well as Gateway to Re-Entry during her first term in office.

Singer is an avid technologist, and a committed advocate for women’s rights, equal opportunity and election integrity. She studied mathematics and computer science at Yale and Stanford and earned a Ph.D. from New York University. She lives in Center City.