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Important Dates for Candidates & Campaigns

This is a list of dates and deadlines important for candidates for office and their campaigns.

Date Title
02/10/2016 Sunshine Meeting
02/16/2016 Last day to circulate and file nomination petitions
02/17/2016 First day to circulate and file nomination papers
02/17/2016 Sunshine Meeting
02/24/2016 Sunshine Meeting
02/24/2016 (Special Elections) Deadline to file petitions for Election Board Vacancies
03/ 2/2016 Last day for withdrawal by candidates who filed nomination petitions
03/ 4/2016 (Special Election) 2nd Friday Pre-Election
03/15/2016 (Special Election) 24-Hour Reporting
03/15/2016 Special Election for the 192nd and 200th Legislative Districts
03/15/2016 Sixth Tuesday Pre-Primary Cycle 1
04/14/2016 (Special Election) 30 Day Post-Election
04/15/2016 Second Friday Pre-Primary Cycle 2
04/26/2016 24-Hour Reporting Daily

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