2021 Campaign Reports -Cycle 2- Common Pleas Court

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Betsy Wahl (committee)

Cateria McCabe

Cateria McCabe (committee)

Chris Hall

Friends of Chris Hall (committee)

Craig Levin (committee)

Craig Levin

Daniel Sulman (committee)

Daniel Sulman

George Twardy

George Twardy (committee)

Jason Rubin (committee)

Jason Rubin

John Padova

John Padova (amended)

John Padova (committee)

John Padova (committee amended)

Lori Dumas (committee)

Friends of Judge Dumas (committee)

Michele Hangley

Michele Hangley (committee)

Nicholas Kamau

Kamau for Judge (committee)

Tamika Lane

Tamika Lane (committee)

Tamika Washington

Wendi Barish

Wendi Barish (committee)

Wendi Barish (committee amended)

Online filings may be searched: here.