Create a Nomination Petition
It is the responsibility of the Candidate or their circulator to complete the petition(s) in the manner that is required by law.
Petitions must be printed double-sided or they will not be accepted.

Create a Nomination Petition by completing the web form below. You will be able to download and print your Nomination Petition at the end of the process for circulating and filing purposes.

Complete the required fields below. Review the section detailing how your name will appear on the ballot. Make sure your name appears exactly as you wish it to be on the ballot. Nicknames will not be allowed. When you are satisfied, click the "This is exactly how I wish my name to appear on the ballot" checkbox. Next, read the linked policy and click the "Candidate is NOT a city employee or candidate is a city employee and is aware of the political activity and resign to run provisions in Article 10 of the City Charter." checkbox. Click the "Petition must be printed double-sided or it will not be accepted." checkbox to signal that you understand that if you do not print double-sided, your petition(s) will not be accepted. Click the link to download the Instructions for Circulating and Filing Nomination Petitions. Please read the instructions carefully. After you have read the instructions, click the box confirming that you have done so.

Instructions for filing and circulating Nomination Petitions are available here.

You will then need to click the "I'm not a robot" box at the bottom. Then click "Create".

Your personalized Nomination Petition will appear. There will be a link to either correct or download your Petition at the top of the page.

All municipal candidates must complete and file a City Candidate's Affidavit and a Statement of Financial Interests, included in your downloaded nomination packet, at the time nomination petitions or papers are filed. A filing fee of $100 must be paid by certified check or money order made out to only: City of Philadelphia.

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Please review your information below and make sure your name appears exactly as you wish it to be on the ballot. Nicknames will not be allowed. Only alphabetic characters and spaces are allowed currently.
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