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Choose an Election and other criteria below to display selected election results to the right. Results can be viewed as a list,a map,a bar, or a pie chart.

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View election results


You can use the sidebar to the left to choose which election you wish to view in the content area. Simply select an Election and Office you wish to view. By default, the BallotBoxApp will display the election results of the selected race for the entire city or district. If you want to display election results from just a specific ward or division, you can narrow your query by selecting a ward or a ward and division from the appropriate fields to the left. You can also view results of specific kinds of votes (votes cast either by Absentee Ballot, Machine Vote, or Provisional Ballot) by selecting a value from the Vote Type field.

Once you hit the Submit button and the BallotBoxApp retrieves the requested set of election results, there are several “views” from which you can display the data.

  • List View – This view displays the data in a table showing the candidate name, party, total votes received, and percentage of votes cast.
  • Map View – This is an interactive map that allows you to visualize election results broken down by ward and division within the city or district. Each ward is color coded to reflect the winner of the election you are viewing. There is a color key at the bottom of the page. You can hover over each ward to see the number of votes received by the candidates for that office (limited to the top 6 candidates in races where there were more than 6 who ran). You can click on a ward to zoom into it and see how candidates did in the individual divisions that make up that ward. When you are in a ward view, simply click the Back to Map link at the bottom left of the map to return to the full city view.
  • Bar Chart View - A simple bar chart of the election results with total votes represented along the “Y” axis and each candidate listed along the “X” axis.
  • Pie Chart View - A color coded pie chart displaying the percentage of vote received by each candidate in that race. You can hover over the chart to see vote details. There is a color key at the bottom of the chart.

Once you have selected your data and choose the view from which to look at the data, you can also download the data in text form ( ) or print ( ) it out.

For additional election results data, check out this archive of datasets including results for ballot questions, committee people, judges and inspectors of election.