The Office of the City Commissioners fills Machine Inspector vacancies when Judges of Election are unable to do so. Machine Inspectors open voting machines at the beginning of the day, set the machines for each voter, and close the machines at the end of the night. Individuals interested in filling these positions must be able to be on their feet for the entire day, must attend training, and be available to work on Election Day from 6:15 AM until election materials are picked up from the polling place location some time after 8:00 PM. Appointed Machine Inspectors must be qualified electors of Philadelphia and meet the qualifications required of other election board officers. Each appointed Machine Inspector will receive a stipend of $145 ($115 for Election Day; $30 for training) per election.

For those interested in becoming a Machine Inspector, please complete the online form below and press submit. Submitting your information to be considered for a Machine Inspector Position does not guarantee you a position on Election Day.