Bilingual Interpreters

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Duties of Bilingual Interpreters

  • Assist Limited English Proficient voters by translating voting information and providing interpretation during the voting process.
  • Ensure that all signs provided to the Election Board indicating the availability of language assistance are posted inside and outside of the polling location.

In the event an in-person bilingual interpreter is not available in the language needed, an Election Board Official will dial the phone number on the Language Identification Guide and contact an interpreter using the cell phone provided to the Election Board.


  • $95 for Election Day (Polls Open to Polls Close – 7AM to 8PM)
  • Additional Stipend for Training


The City Commissioners will be providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all poll workers.

**Upon arrival, please be sure to check that all P.P.E delivered with the Voting machines is unpacked**


  1. Sanitary protective gloves
  2. FDA approved surgical masks
  3. Disinfectant antibacterial wipes
  4. Hand sanitizer kits
  5. Plexi glass barrier shields

If you would like to be considered for an appointment as a bilingual interpreter, you may fill out the form at

Questions about serving?

Contact or call 215 685 4811