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Philadelphia City Commissioners Announce Finalists For 'I Voted' Sticker

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Public Online Voting Open and Will Continue Through March 1st 


Philadelphia, PA – Public online voting opened today to choose a winner of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, contest to redesign the ‘I Voted’ sticker that voters receive at the polls on election days. The contest was open to all residents of Philadelphia or students of a school in Philadelphia. All told, there were over a hundred-fifty entries, from which nine finalists were chosen. The judging team selected three adult finalists, as well as two from each of the college, high school and K to 8th grade categories. Finalists range from professional graphic designers to elementary school students. Designs were digitized as needed.


The finalists are: 

Finalist  Category 
Christian Belluso Adult 
Adam Englehart  Adult 
David Golden  Adult 
Katie Fish  College 
Gianna DiAddezio  College 
Isaak Popkin  High School 
Eddie Wang  High School 
Elodie Breslin  K-8th Grade 
Noah Seder  K-8th Grade 


Their designs can be downloaded here:  

The team of judges who selected the finalists were from a diverse background of art, education, and government. Each brought a unique insight to the process, they were:


Grace Palladino - School District of Philadelphia, Civics Education Specialist

Khara Garcia - Graphic Designer and Art Director, Philadelphia City Council

Nick Custodio – Deputy Commissioner, Office of City Commissioner Lisa Deeley

Caresh Toatley – Restorative Practices Youth Program Manager, Mural Arts Philadelphia

Jeanette Bavwidinsi – Director, Mayor’s Office of Youth Engagement


Khara Garcia, graphic designer for Philadelphia City Council, judge, and designer of the original Philly attitude ‘I Voted’ stickers in 2018 said, “This project was such a joy to work on, especially seeing all of the designs submitted by the young kids. With the time and effort that they put into their designs, it was a great tool to teach civic engagement and foster a love of art. I certainly hope that the children remember this when they get older and it is their chance to cast a ballot.”


“I know the ‘I Voted’ stickers may not be the most important thing that we do, but it is certainly something that the public is highly passionate about” said City Commissioner Chairwoman, Lisa Deeley. “With the all-important 2020 elections upon us this is the perfect time for us to roll out a new, unique sticker and get people excited about going to the polls. I am so happy with the wonderful designs that Philadelphians get to choose from. I hope everyone goes out and votes and gets their new sticker in April.”


The final step is for Philadelphians to vote for their favorite design. Voting is open now on the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ website,, or directly at Voting will remain open until 11:45pm on March 1st and the overall winner will be announced soon after. The winning design will be printed on stickers that will be made available during the April 28th Primary Election. Designs will be translated into Spanish, if the design do not already include Spanish.

The Philadelphia City Commissioners are a three-member bipartisan board of elected officials in charge of elections and voter registration for the City of Philadelphia. The three Commissioners are Chairwoman Lisa Deeley (D), Secretary Omar Sabir (D), and Vice Chair Al Schmidt (R).