2020 General and Special Elections: Ballots Received with Unverifiable Identification

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The Board of Elections has received over one thousand absentee/mail-in ballots from voters whom it has not been able to verify proof of identification. In some cases, the voter did not submit proof of identification with the application; in others, the Board has not been able to verify their submission due to a technological issue. Without such proof, the Board cannot count these absentee/mail-in ballots. Affected voters (including those who previously submitted only a Driver’s License number or SSN) should either submit a photocopy or picture of an acceptable photo ID to phillyelection@phila.gov or via fax to(215) 686-3398. It is critical that the Board receive this information by Thursday, November 12, 2020 or the Board will not be able to count the voter’s absentee/mail-in ballot. List of Philadelphia residents who were sent an absentee/mail-in ballot but whose proof of identification has not yet been verified: [link to file] An acceptable photo ID is one that shows a NAME, a PHOTO, and an EXPIRATION DATE that is CURRENT issued by the U.S. Government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a Pennsylvania municipal government (employee ID only), a Pennsylvania college or university, or a Pennsylvania care facility, including long-term care facilities, assisted living residences and personal care homes.