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Canvass Observer Credentialing

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For the remainder of the Philadelphia Board of Election's canvass activities at the Philadelphia Convention Center, the following procedure will be required for credentialing new Observers. Requests will be processed on a rolling basis, but 24 hours advance notice is recommended. New credentials will only be issued between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm at the Convention Center.

As a reminder, the sponsoring candidate or party must email (optional cc to Nick Custudio and/or Seth Bluestein) with the name of each appointed Observer, the Observer’s address, and—if the Observer is their attorney—their PA Bar number. In order to credential any Observer on behalf of a candidate's campaign or party, the Board requires a written statement, letter, or email from the candidate/campaign/party that the candidate/campaign/party has authorized the appointment(s) by the person making the submission if one has not already been submitted.