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City Commissioners Launch New Website

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The City Commissioners are proud to announce the launching of the Department’s new website, philadelphiavotes.com.  The new site is another step towards the City Commissioners’ shared commitment to the incorporation of technology in governmental services and providing public access to information.

Whether you’re a voter, an Election Board worker, a candidate for elective office, or simply an individual conducting research, philadelphiavotes.com will provide you with detailed information that’s easy to find and organized in a user-friendly way. 

Some of the new features and benefits include:

  • Desktop and mobile versions of the site for easy navigation, offering a seamless experience, whether you’re using a PC, smartphone, or tablet;
  • Prior year election data, allowing candidates and campaigns to have some of their most common requests instantly fulfilled;
  • Online training materials for Election Board workers, providing year-round access to the critical information that they need to administer elections in Philadelphia’s 1,687 voting divisions; and
  • Access to the City Commissioners public meeting transcripts and the Department budget, keeping Philadelphians well-informed about the Department’s work and how their tax dollars are being spent. 

Certain parts of the new site utilize advanced web applications to personalize the user experience.   By entering a Philadelphia address on the Who Are My Elected Officials? page (found under the Voters menu), Philadelphians can quickly determine the names, contact information, and website for their local, state, and federal elected officials.  The contact information for every elected official also contains clickable links that display their office locations on the corresponding map.   This will empower Philadelphians with easy access to the people who can fulfill their constituent service requests.

Similarly, Philadelphia voters who enter their address on the Where Is My Polling Place? page (also found under the Voters menu) will be able to see walking or driving directions from their home to their polling place. 

Finally, all site content is available in both English and Spanish to assist a broader scope of Philadelphians with their voting and electoral needs.  Please take some time to explore the various features, and don’t hesitate to contact any of the Commissioners with your feedback.