Candidates for Office

The pages below list important information about the candidates that appear on the ballot for each election cycle.

On May 20, 2014, Philadelphia voters cast Primary Election ballots for the following offices:

2014 Primary & Special Election Candidates with Button Numbers

Governor (R)

  • Tom Corbett (Allegheny County) (2)

Governor (D)

  • Tom Wolf (York County) (101)

  • Robert M. McCord (Montgomery County) (102)

  • Katie McGinty (Chester County) (103)

  • Allyson Y. Schwartz (Montgomery County) (104)

Lieutenant Governor (R) 

  • Jim Cawley (Bucks County) (3)

Lieutenant Governor (D) 

  • Mike Stack (Philadelphia County) (105)

  • Mark Critz (Cambria County) (106)

  • Mark Smith (Bradford County) (107)

  • Brandon P. Neuman (Washington County) (108)

  • Brad Koplinski (Dauphin County) (109)

Representative in Congress (R) 1st District

  • Megan Rath (Philadelphia County) (4)

Representative in Congress (D) 1st District

  • Robert A. Brady (Philadelphia County) (110)

Representative in Congress (R) 2nd District

  • Armond James (Montgomery County) (4)

Representative in Congress (D) 2nd District

  • Chaka Fattah (Philadelphia County) (110)

Representative in Congress (R) 13th District

  • Bev Plosa-Bowser (Montgomery County) (4)

  • Carson Dee Adcock (Montgomery County) (5)

Representative in Congress (D) 13th District

  • Brendan F. Boyle (Philadelphia County) (110)

  • Val Arkoosh (Montgomery County) (111)

  • Marjorie Margolies (Montgomery County) (112)

  • Daylin Leach (Montgomery County) (113)

State Senator (R) 2nd District

  • John Jenkins (55th Ward) (6)

State Senator (D)  2nd District

  • Danny Savage (23rd Ward) (114)
  • Tomas Sanchez (19th Ward) (115)

  • Christine M. Tartaglione (62nd Ward) (116)

State Senator (R) 4th District

  • Robin Gilchrist (Montgomery County) (6)

State Senator (D) 4th District

  • Brian D. Gralnick (Montgomery County) (114)

  • Art Haywood (Montgomery County) (115)

  • Leanna Washington (Montgomery County) (116)

State Senator (R) 8th District

  • No candidates filed.

State Senator (D) 8th District

  • Anthony Hardy Williams (Philadelphia County) (114)

Representative in The  General Assembly (R) 

Representative in The  General Assembly  (D) 

Member of Republican State Committee  

Member of Democratic State Committee  

Ward Executive Committee (Committeeperson) (R) 

Ward Executive Committee (Committeeperson) (D)

Special Election -City Council-At-Large 

  • Matt Wolfe Republican (27th Ward) (201)
  • Ed Neilson Democratic (66th Ward) (301)
  • Nikki Allen Poe Libertarian (39th Ward) (401)

Proposed Charter Change Questions

2014 Primary & Special Election Sample Ballot

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