Using a Voting Machine

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Entering Voting Booth

You enter the voting machine by parting and walking through the curtain. The curtain will fall closed behind you after you enter the booth. It is securely fastened to the ballot doors on the machine providing complete privacy and secrecy for your ballot.

Voters Using Wheelchairs

If you use a wheelchair, the voting machine will be lowered by the machine operator before you enter. When the machine is lowered the entire ballot is within your reach from the wheelchair. You will be able to vote without assistance unless you request it for some other reason.

The Ballot

The offices to be voted on are printed in the first left hand column from top to bottom and the political party of candidates on the ballot are in the top row from left to right. Each candidate name is in a separate box, located in the candidate's party column to the right of the office they are seeking.

A flashing red light appears inside each office or issue title box in the left column. This indicates that you may select a candidate for that office. When the office title light goes off you have selected the maximum number of candidates allowed for that office. You do not have to make selections for all offices or candidates if you don't want to.

Selecting a Candidate

Select your candidates by pressing the numbered box within your candidates' position box and a red light will go on next to the number within your candidates' position, indicating the names you have selected.

Changing a Selected Candidate

If you change your mind after selecting a candidate, and don't want to vote for a candidate whose light is on, press that candidate's number again to deselect the candidate and the light will go off.

Selecting a Write In

Find the write-in box for the office for which you want to write in a candidate's name.

Press the write-in button in the box. Then press the large flashing red button at the top of the machine to open the write-in window. Write or stamp your candidates name on the exposed paper in the window, then pull the black shutter down over the name you have written, closing the window. The single write-in window at the top is used for all write in votes.

Voting on a Question

Ballot questions are usually located in the far right hand columns. A sample question box is shown above. The two selection buttons are located in the box on the right side.

The Yes / Si in the yes button box indicates you approve of the issue or question. The No in the no button box indicates that you disapprove.

Make your selection by pressing either of the buttons. The red light next to the button will turn on indicating your selection.

Casting Your Ballot

After you have made all the candidate selections you want, look for the GREEN button labeled VOTE in the bottom right corner of the ballot.

DO NOT PRESS THE GREEN VOTE BUTTON UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED MAKING ALL THE CANDIDATE SELECTIONS YOU WANT, making sure the red indicator light for your candidate selections is lit.

When you press the green VOTE button all of your candidate selections will be recorded, all lights in the voting machine will go out, and you will hear a low bell-tone indicating you are finished.

To leave, part and exit through the curtain.